List of releases

Tocado 0070 THE BULLFIGHT - Stranger then the night   Full Length CD/LP

style: pop noir

released : april 23 2010


  1. Bamboo Knife Woman
  2. Desmond & Julia
  3. Waiting For Anthony
  4. Dance With Me, Damn It
  5. Nathalie, Strangle Me
  6. The Ballad Of Martin Van Dongen
  7. Martin’s Room
  8. The Gospel Of Ramshackle’s Girl
  9. Wild Flowers
  10. Bamboo Knife Children


Tocado 0068 THE STILETTOS - Fuck it, Rock it                       Full Length CD

style: garage trash

released: september 17 2009


  • Be Like You
  • Born In The City
  • Gimmegimme
  • Man About It
  • Head To The Ground
  • Unprotected Sex
  • Some Say High
  • Do What You Wanna Do
  • Going Down And Lovin It
  • Do It Again
  • No Denying


Tocado 0067 THE MONROES - Roulette                                   Full length CD

style: soulfull garage pop

released : October 1 2009


  • Somethin’ Coming
  • Come & Get It
  • Not Tonight
  • The Rider
  • Miss Moto
  • I Wanna Know
  • Misery
  • You Got Me Running
  • Sad & Blue
  • Bad Luck
  • In The Cold Of The Night


Tocado 0066 YOSHIMI - Milkshakes at the Pizzeria                  Full length CD

style: Eclastic Pop

released: May 9 2009


1.        Glasses

2.        Broken Backs and Bad Balloons

3.        Philosophy for Fangirls

4.        Song for Suzy

5.        Ow

6.        I will act like I’m not afraid to make a fool out of myself and I will make you love me

7.        Save Me Garnerin!

8.        Season Song #4

9.        The World goes down, People go dancin’.


Tocado 0065 MARK LOTTERMAN - Better things to do          Full length CD

style: Americana

released march 28 2009


1. How wrong can you be?

2. Dying Day

3. Hit me When I'm weak

4. Hate what you can change (and sing for what you can't)

5. Better things to do

6. Two Years

7. Microwave

8. Until the end of days

9. Funeral Song

10. 40 days Pregnant

11. Fart out of Hell

12. Crazy Way (part 1, 2 & 3)

13. River Wild

14. New Orleans



Tocado 0064 THE SUICIDAL BIRDS - Spend your life in serious misery CD

style: garage punk

released january 7 2009

second album on Tocado-records of the Frysian duo.


1 Nevermind

2 Spend your life in serious misery

3 Slow train to Calcutta

4 Adventure of the brain

5 Song for the heavyheads

6 Chiwawa

7 Black out

8 Drive

9 Where do you go now

10 Baby blue

11 What weatherman said

12 Psycho bitch
13 What you are

14 No happy s.h.i.t.


Tocado 0063 VARIOUS ARTISTS - HARK TOO *               Full Length LP


style: avant-garde
released October 31 - 2008 by Worm records

remake of the Wim T. Schippers/Jacques Plafond en de Plafonnieres HARK LP with Dennis de Bel, Raaskalbomfukkerz, Harry Merry, Vince the Prince, KODI, ZEA, Coolhaven, Yoshimi, Bertin, Pornologic, Hajo D.

side 1: Ouverture – Dennis de Bel
Pebbles on the beach – Harry Merry feat. Natalia
Don't do that – Raaskalbomfukkerz
I'll just die in your arms tonight – Vince the Prince
What you waiting for – KODI
Stuck on you – ZEA
Side 2: From hell to breakfast – Coolhaven
No way around that – Yoshimi
Life is so surprising – Bertin
What's the matter with Hannah – Pornologic feat. Olga
Cut and run – Hajo D. Feat Hek on bassclarinet


Tocado 0062 SKINNERBOX - SHOW YOUR TEETH         Full length CD

style: alternative rock
released October 10 2008

1.    And it goes like this
2.    Erotique
3.    Golden Locks
4.    The Garden
5.    Mr. Skinnerbox
6.    When you drive
7.    Mind your own gap
8.    Work out
9.    Blood in ‘69



Full length CD

style: noise/avant-garde

released September 20 - 2008

Bands from Japan: Sekkutsu Jean, The Netherlands: Lushus, Stöma, Dr. Schnitt, USA ( Bearclaw), China (Gu Guai Xing  Qiu), Norway (La Casa Fantom), France (Le Singe Blanc, K9, Gâtechien) Switserland (Flimmer, Gestapo d’Amour, Bringers of Doom, Ratrak , Mir.) Belgium (Graffen Völder, Gura), Finland (Cause for Effect) Czech Republic (Sabot), UK (Trencher) and Germany (Stressseuche)


1. Bruno&Robin – accents  
2. La Casa Fantom – tome hjerteslag 
3. La Casa Fantom – solens speil       
4. Le Singe Blanc – quâaniná    
5. Graffen Völder – chacal cru
6. Cause For Effect – metronomic
7. K9 – chasseur
8. Doktor Schnitt – herbie douchie
9. Bear Claw – point to a point
10.Gu Guai Xing Qiu – pilou
11.Gâtechien – i
12.Gura – live fast die long
13. Sabot – not lonely anymore
14.Flimmer – baumstritzel
15.Sekkutsu Jean – doienffokjied
16.Gestapo d’Amour – where’s my favourite knife?
17.Lushus – kill
18.Trencher – nightmares on crack street
19.Stöma – shotgun
20.Bringers of Doom – wovoka’s ghostdance
21.Stressseuche – learn to die
22.Stressseuche – alles verkehrt
23.Ratrak – loco
24.Mir – man/hunt

Tocado 0059 The SUICIDAL BIRDS - HEAVY HEADS 7"vinyl single

release cancelled

Tocado 0059 PONY PACK - CLAWS & FISTS                   Full length CD

released September 13 2008

style: New Wave/Punk
1. I don't want to know what kind .
of hell you're going to go to           
2. Johnny Diesel                           
3. King of Clubs                           
4. Medicinal Mother                    
5. Painted Eye                             
6. Thigh Bone
7.Bread & Circus
8. Mal de Ojo
9. Samlee
10. GSS
11. Philanderopist
12. Dying Bird


Full length CD

released July 6 2008

style alternative pop/avant-garde


1. Turnpikes and roundabouts
2. Jailbird
3. It's hard without a card
4. Hey, hey put that gun away
5. The Testgame play
6. R&B slam
7. The Panorama paper
8. Don't touch the clutch too much
9. Been through friday
10. Harbour fair
11. R&B slam (remix by Nanko)

Tocado 0057 SPEKTR  - B/W Vs TECHNICOLOR      Full length LP/CD


LP released June 1 2008 CD released june 20 2008             

style: twisted 60's movie music


1.Spektrscope intro jingle
2.The Bronson Beat
3.B/W vs Technicolor
4.Drops O’ Kurare
5.Um 13 Uhr schnappt die Falle zu
6.Shivers, the return
7.Glass...Not Diamonds
10.All go in/None come out
11.Spektscope outro jingle

Tocado 0056 - STOMA - BOE!                                               Full length CD

Released april 5 2008

style: alternative/avantgarde jazzfunk


6.In the club                     
7Indre la                         
14.La la
16.“Blaue stunde” le fin?

Tocado 0055 - HIT THE NORTH - vol 2                                Full Length CD

Compilation with 6 Dutch 3 French and one Belgian bands.

Released November 30 2007

style: Low Fi, Avantgarde, Alternative Rock, Punk

Oso El Roto (F), The Moi non Plus (NL), Minuscule Hey (F), Eva Braun (NL), Les Club Des Chats (F), POny Pack (NL), Stöma (NL), Tes Yeux Rouges (BE), The Suicidal Birds (NL), Madame P. (NL)


1.Oso El Roto – oedipe blues
2.The Moi Non Plus – johnny
3.Minuscule Hey – bananoffee
4.Eva Braun – duck
5.Les Club des Chats – freakyrace
6.Pony Pack – king of clubs
7.Stöma – totally naked...
8.Tes Yeux Rouges – s4lom4n
9.The Suicidal Birds – no nada
10.Madame P. – ombra di sole

Tocado 0054 - Lushus - Big Fat Man                                         7" Vinyl Single

originally released in september 2006 rereleased in march 2007

style: Nu Wave Disco

Side1 : Big Fat Man

Side 2: Some Reason

Tocado 0053 - Lushus - Red Blushes                                  Full Length CD

originally released early 2006, rereleased in march 2007              CD in homemade felt cover

style Nu-wave


1.Take off your head    
2.Cold clear                 
5.Hofhund und...         
6.Der Alte
7.Red blushes
8.Mein Mamm

Tocado 0052 - The Suicidal Birds - versus life                    Full Length CD

released februari 2007

style : garage punk


1.No Nada                  
2.No way                    
3.No fun, no art          
4.Friendly land           
5.Into the black          
6.Sensible sinners     
7.City lights
8.No use
9.No summer
10.No light
11.Salt sugar
12.Versus life
13.Vegi garden song

Tocado 0051 - The Stilettos - stimulusblackboxresponse  Full Length CD


 released februari 2007

 style: garage punk


1.Wise guy                   
2.Walk away                 
3.Won’t wake up          
4.Nowhere to run         
5.How high                  
6.Dragging me down    
7.Get ready
8.What’s wrong with you baby
9.Step child
10.Ice queen
11.Got to go
12.I don’t want to know you

Tocado 0050 - Stoma - Nik Nok                                                7"Vinyl Single


released March 29 2007

style: alternative/avantgarde/breakbeat

Side1: Niknok

Side2: SideB

Tocado 0048 -  Killdaddies/Solecismi Pedestri - punkrock come dio commande* Full Length split CD

released februari 2007

style: punkrock

Solecismi Pedestri:
1. sulla stessa barca
2.nudi e crudi
3.diritti inhumani
4.chiodi creste spille e boots
5. don't let me down
6.dreary guy dog
8.punk-rock song for you

Tocado 0047 - Stainless; a Dutch metalcore compilation  Full Length CD

released january 5 2007

Live recordings of 9 bands: When All Life Ends, Drainlife, Mindscan, Last Breath Denied, Return to Reason, See My Solution, Until We Bleed, Dominator, Facewreck


When All Life Ends – Painful eyes behold, Loss of feelings
Drainlife – F.F.S., Hope dies last
Mindscan – Blindfolded
Last Breath Denied – Fool among fools, Differ or die
Return to Reason – Remain inside
See My Solution – New born witness,  Wherever circles are
Until We Bleed – Taking back my life, No way back
Dominatör – Bleeding, Kill the pain
Facewreck – All that I hate, Wait and see

Tocado 0046 - Can Of Be - Don Quichot                             Full Length CD

released november 10 2006

style: alternative rock


1.Don quichot          
7.White lies
8.Weeping song
9.Roll over

Tocado 0045 - Taste Of Insanity - the great escape           Full Length CD

rerelease originally released in december 2005

style: metalcore


1. dark delusion
2. least I can do
3. the need to restrain
4. state of mind
6.age of enemies
7.60 min resentful
8. cameo
9. systematic
10. halflife
11. redemon
12. ill karma
13. machine

Tocado 0044 - Fabulous Disaster/Oc Toons - Awesome Fromage                              Full Length Split CD

co release with feuzel records(france), broken heart records (austria), eating shit records (spain), shattered thought records (switzerland), cider city records (england), felony records (usa).

released september 2006

style: punkrock

Fabulous disaster - San Francisco USA - Oc-Toons - France


Fabulous Disaster
1.turn the lights out eye
3.tidal wave
4.suck it up
1 my addiction own life and cry
4.shut the fuck off

Tocado 0043 - Harry Merry - the Shunt                                 Full Length CD

released september 8 2006

style: Low Fi, Outtasight organ music


1.Sharki supermachine
2.Betta Elisabetta
3.Intimicy seems eccentric
4.Rock ‘n roll postman
5.Yeah, well whatever
6.The appetite gets satisfied each bite

Tocado 0042 - Killdaddies - killdaddies                              Full Length CD

released March 2006

style: punkrock


1.I need you now
2.Marta Brown
3.Love is blind
5.Baby i'm gonna kill your daddy tonight
6. Bitch Laura
7.I don't like you!
8. Twentyfour years
9. Ale and the alcoholic weekend
10. My baby

Tocado 0041 - The Pauki - splinter of the mind*                  Full Length CD

released by crazy rat records Februari 2006

style: streetpunk (Russia)


1. Load it
2. Again on the edge
3, Thank you, Nobel
4. Crystal stone
5. To the Football
6. X time
7. Give a chance to people
8. I'm the Prezident
9. Get up!
10.The mug of beef
11.The 13th district
12.Take this fort

Tocado 0040 - Elle Bandita - Love Juice                                         Mini CD

released on December 17 2005

style: electro punk


1.cigarette burn
2.the Game
5.shootin’around years’eve

Tocado 0039 - DooDoo's Coffee - Chosen Boundaries     Full Length CD

rerelease previously released as a DIY production in 2001

style : funkcore

sold out 

Tocado 0038 - Punkoccupation vol.8 *                              Full Length CD

released September 2005

International compilation with 28 bands: FPG(Rus), Rebelde(Italy), Nared(Ukraine), Frau Muller (Rus), Scums(Rus), Speichelbroiss (Ger), The Pauki(Rus), Vaste Triste(Finland), Helgard(Rus), Urban Blight(Neth), Indeecne(Rus), Stone Faces(Rus), Abpot Mo3ta(Rus), Blacklist Brigade(UK), Dergat (Rus,Agathocles(Bel), Truemen(Rus), Disturbance(Neth), Danilamaster(Rus), Der Steinkopf(Rus), Chemieverseucht(Ger), Osbas(Rus), Acidos(Peru), Artemi(Rus), Beverly Beer Belliys(US), T.S.(Rus), Tartharia(Rus)  - sold out

Tocado 0037 - Bruno and Robin - La même choose      Full Length CD-R

released July 2005

style: avantgarde


1. bestiari triste post coitum
2. accents
3. darkballz
4. diesextrak
5. zumkotzen#01
6. craqs
7. ooooooh
8. zewaer
9. skreams
10. birds
11. niksz

Tocado 0036 - Hooftpijn - Aktie Kommie-T                          Full Length CD

released March 2005

style: punkrock/ska


1.Do you know
2.Mr Lie
4.Je weet toch
5.Dear PM
6.The Stuff
9.Shake Up
10.Positieve Pessimist
11.Believe You Me
12.This Age

Tocado 0035 - LaGuerra - revolution theory                        Full Length CD

released January 13 2005

style:  metalcore


1. Overthrow
2. Building Bridges
3. You as you really are
4. Resources
5. Something you should know
6. Take the word
7. Soulcrusher
8. Fed up

Tocado 0034 - Harry Merry - Well... Here's another nice mess you've got me into     Full Length CD

released  October 3 2004

style: Low Fi, outtasight organ music


1. Allright Rebecca
2. Computer problems
3. Moody bus-driver
4. Washerwoman
5. Fatherhood reminiscenes
6. Fee-Fie-Foo-Fum Vita
7. Go go giddy gangreen go
8. the Panorama paper
9. Harbour fair
10. Stevie Storm
11. St Benedictus school
12. Hi-B-Bye
13. American summer 2001
14. Piss off Pete!
15. Road
16  Village life in 1905
17. Miss wet T-shirt
18. Clarissa

Tocado 0033 - All For Nothing - Start at zero*                                Mini CD

released June 25 2004

style: hardcore


1.Life Saver
2.Fuck Up
4.Mouthful Of Hypocrisy
5.Three Sixty
6.Wasting Away
7.Until It Breaks
8.Best Friends

Tocado 0032 - Stöma - Stöma                                              Full Length CD

released January 24 2004

style: alternative/avantgarde


3.Geile Kikker
5.totally naked except for two bleeding human eyeballs in my hands

Tocado 0031 - The Rosevalley Punkrockers - R&B is kutmuziek*                               Full Length CD

released December 2003

style: trashpunk


2.Burgerkrieg jetzt
3.It's true 4.Blowjunk
5.My Detonator
7.Bier 8.Idioot
9.Maximanaal (listen to this track in our player)
10.Passed out
11.We're gonna be rich
12.Axl Rose superstar
14.R&B is kutmuziek
15.het vette homosapiens lied
16.Fuck Malcolm
17.Fuck off

Tocado 0030 - Hooftpijn - voorbij de T*                                Full Length CD

released November 15 2003

style: punkrock/ska


1. Daisies
2.Black tea
3.No other
4.Hang aan de wereld
5.Hare Krishna
7.Come home
8.1000 bommen en granaten

Tocado 0029 - We are the punks in Korea*                      Full Length CD

released june 2003

compilation with 30 Korean punkbands - Beachvalley, Propeller 21, Gettobombs, Swell Mobs, Tacopy, Couch, Rux, 99Anger, Skrew Attack, BB Lucky Town, Samchung, The Geeks, Half Brother, 18Cruk, Cockrasher, Nonstop Body, Lazybone, Water Self, 13Steps, Brassmann, Assignment27, captain Bootboi, Spiky Brats, Burning Hepburn, Opeat Got, Jiraltan99, Masturbation, Stuning Down, Suck Stuff, Attacking Forces - sold out

Tocado 0028 - 3rd Eye - the Hallway                            Full Length CDR

released march 2003

style: metalcore - sold out

Tocado 0027 - The Pauki - Through *                              Full Length CD

released january 200

style: streetpunk  (russia)

sold out

Tocado 0026 - Bruno and Robin - bruno and robin in church*                                     Full Length CD-R

released december 2002

style: Bzzzthing - sold out

Tocado 0025 - 2001; a punk odyssey video report                Video Tape

released October 2002

live footage video with Raise Kain, Lady!Die, Oil, The Cenobites and Second Chance

sold out

Tocado 0024 - SPECTRE - the microfilm album               Full Length CD

released on alternate/Denmark October 2002

style: surf/soundtrack

1. Operation SIS (spectre in space)
2.The Satellite affair
3.The Underwater lab
4.Car Chase
5.House search
6.The Rooftop incident
7. The Return of DR Seven (theme from)

Tocado 0023 - Klojo's - klojo's zijn ziek*                                      7" Vinyl EP

released september 2002

style : partypunk

 sold out

Tocado 0022 - Totaal Verlept - live at M.S. Stubnitz               Video Tape

released august 2002

style: hardcore punk

Totaal Verlept at it's best shot with two cameras at the famous partyboat M.S. Stubnitz

 sold out

Tocado 0021 - Nedertrash in opkomst*                                     7"Vinyl EP

released april 2002 by UPS records 

split 7"with six trashcorebands: Mihoen, Seeing Red, Betercore, Cockroach, No-Men, Tuco Ramirez, SAF - sold out

Tocado 0020 - Heel Erg Punk - best of                              Full Length CD

released December 2001

the final episode in our Heel Erg Punk compilation series with 20 bands: Totaal Verlept, The Riplets, Oil, Raise Kain, Die Nakse Bananen, Bluefish, The Cenobites, Attrition, Springrain, Beyond Lickin,  Disturbance, Puz, No-Men, Nice Guy Eddie, Dutchbad, Ragin'Hormones, The Fuzzbrats, The Apers, Curfew, Face Tomorrow


Tocado 0019 - Disturbance - Live on to decline                         7" Vinyl EP

released september 2001

(first issue of 500 copies on white vinyl, second issue of 500 copies on brown vinyl)

style: streetpunk


1.Live on to decline
2.God pulled the chain
3.No Enemy

Tocado 0018 - Raise Kain - airborne*                                 Full Length CD

released september 2001

style: emocore


1.As far as I can
2.The Crime
3.For the very first time again
4.Guy in the mirror
6.Imaginary weather

Tocado 0017 - Heel Erg Punk 2 - De Video                            Video Tape

released may 2001

live footage shot at the second heel erg punk festival

sold out

Tocado 0016 - The Cenobites - Girl in the woods                      7" Vinyl EP

released April 6 2001

style: psychobilly


1.Girl in the woods
2.Pink Slip
4.(S)hit list

Tocado 0015 - Heel Erg Punk Vol.3                                    Full Length CD

released November 24 2000

another 16 punk/hardcore bands from Rotterdam and beyond: Buttscratcher 2000, Oil, Ragin Hormones, Atomic Foot, Nice Guy Eddie, Attrition, C.P.R., Riplets, The Cenobites, I Reject, Beyond Lickin,  Brains No More, Distress, Fight 121, Shorttime, The Apers

Tocado 0014 - Totaal Verlept - Totaal Verlept = totally wasted                                   Full Length CD

released October 6 2000

style: hardcore punk


With 7 studio and 9 live tracks.
1.El Agressivo
2.Effe bier hale
3. Jan, pak de leuning...
5.Rubber No
7. T.V. train
11.El punta
13.Killer, killer
16.Tell me.

Tocado 0013 - Puz - the Hustle                                                           7"Vinyl EP

released June 4 2000

style punkrock

sold out

Tocado 012 - Buttscratcher 2000 - ass the world burns                     7"Vinyl EP

released April 2000

style blast punk

sold out


Tocado 0011 - Totaal Verlept - Effe bier hale                               7" Vinyl Single

released December 1999

style: hardcore punk

Side A: Effe Bier hale
Side B: Spring, Doofpot

 sold out

Tocado 010 - Raise Kain - last action heroes*                           Full Length CD

released October1999

style punkrock - sold out


Tocado 009 - Die Nakse Bananen - Bummer '99          Full Length CD

released on September 9 1999

style: streetpunk


1. Bummer '98
2. Prejudiced pigs
3. Bottle of beer
4. Earth is hell
5. Leaf of peper
6. Bastards
7. Suspected all the time
8. My life as a punk
9. Intelligent way of lying
10.Commercial showdown

Tocado 008 - Heel Erg Punk Vol.2                                        Full Length CD

released June 5 1999

Another 16 punk/hardcore bands from Rotterdam and it's suburbs : Sociale Werkplaats, Jaywalkers, Curfew, Disturbance, Springrain, Puz, Age Of Panic, Cauliflower, Dutchbad, Area 51, Wiseguy, Craven, Budrot, Raise Kain, Second Chance

Tocado 007 - Rectum - trip to heaven                                     7" Vinyl Single

released October 1998

style : skapunk

sold out


1. What it's like
2. Trip to heaven
3. Vicious circle

Tocado 006 - Tocadelics - Peper in je reet                                CD Single

released May 1998

style : kaseko

single of the Tocado political party for the city counsil elections in 1998. So rare we even don't have a picture of the sleeve for you - sold out/confiscated by police

Tocado 005 - No-Men - Non Sapiens, Non Sense           Full Length CD

released October 1998

style: chaos punk

1. walk in line
2. guilty
3. ik was een punk
4. murk deal
5. heroin
6. bad
7. fuck de V.S.B.
8. walk on water
9. billy punk
10. system
11. eeuwig spijt
12. No-men theme
13. ol
14. beeldbuisjunk
15. public hair
16. payload
17. stealin'
18. peter is dead
19. Vampirella
20. so what!


Tocado 004 - Deuce - The Organisation                         Full Length CD

released May 1998

style punkrock/metal/emo


1. the world's selfdestruct
2. nothing's right
3. close encounters
4. my own self-pride
5. empty room
6. street arab
7. end of line
8. choices made
9. family values

Tocado 003 B.C.P. - birth control patrol *                          Full Length CD

released January 1998

style: punkrock/ska

sold out

Tocado 002 - Groef - Vers Geperst  Full Length                              CD-R

released October 1997 - sold out

style: nederpolkafunk

Tocado 001 - Heel erg Punk Vol.1                                       Full Length CD

released September 5 1997

compilation with 17 punk/hardcore bands from the Rotterdam area: Beaver Feaver, Debiele Eenheid, Undebatable Ground, Stoke, Deuce, Barenski, Rectum, C.O.D, Initial Stage, The Fuzzbrats, Totaal Verlept, Jamrax, No-Men, Whatever, Guiding LIne, X-Men.

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