Fuck it, Rock it
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Fuck It Rock It is the great new album by the Stilettos. It’s got drums that sound like a gun going off, buzzsaw guitars to cut down any tree and a voice spewing out lyrics like there’s no tomorrow. To top it off, they invited a few close friends, who added some screeching Philicordia organ and wailing saxophone.

Everything was recorded very professionally, but fortunately that didn’t get in the way of capturing their raw live sound.

Fuck It Rock It meanders between short bursts of high energy garage punk and teeth grinding mid-tempo trash.

The making this record was a collaboration between different artistic forces, battling against mediocrity and poor taste.

Behind the controls was DNA, who in recent years became a friend of theStilettos. He generously donated his 20+ years of experience in the field during the three sessions it took to record the album, which was done at Studio Moskou and Old Skool Studios in Utrecht. Together with his partner in crime and fulltime sound wizzard Peer Rave the whole thing was mixed and mastered in a tiny livingroom in Eindhoven with just enough air to breathe, also known as Custom Recording.

The cover was done by their friends at Dog and Pony, real cool guys with good taste, who know how to catch your eye.



Track Listing

  1. Be Like You
  2. Born In The City
  3. Gimmegimme
  4. Man About It
  5. Head To The Ground
  6. Unprotected Sex
  7. Some Say High
  8. Do What You Wanna Do
  9. Going Down And Lovin It
  10. Do It Again
  11. No Denying
  12. I Don’t Wanna Be


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