Milkshakes at the Pizzeria
€ 5,00

Yoshimi's first album.

Homemade recordings by a 20 year old who plays all instruments: 12-string guitar, conga’s, harmonium, cello, drums, synths, ukulele, tarbuka, bass, bongo’s, qua zen qin, xylophone, harmonica, mandoline, accordeon, harmonium, trumpet, mbira, dizi and euphonium... On one track fhere's also a nice girl called Manon singing and on another Yoshimi's whole familly sings along. 

Yoshimi's music is like...super cute


1.        Glasses

2.        Broken Backs and Bad Balloons

3.        Philosophy for Fangirls

4.        Song for Suzy

5.        Ow

6.        I will act like I’m not afraid to make a fool out of myself and I will make you love me

7.        Save Me Garnerin!

8.        Season Song #4

9.        The World goes down, People go dancin’.




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