Stranger then the Night
The Bullfight
€ 12,00

The LP version of the Bullfight album that was released on CD in april.

The record was cut two times before the band was satisfied with the result. On red vinyl. Comes with a poster and the album on CD

Total Running time: 40:52


  1. Bamboo Knife Woman
  2. Desmond & Julia
  3. Waiting For Anthony
  4. Dance With Me, Damn It
  5. Nathalie Strangle Me
  6. The Ballad Of Martin Van Dongen
  7. Martin's Room
  8. The Gospel Of Ramshackle's Girl
  9. Wild Flowers
  10. Bamboo Knife Children

STRANGER THAN THE contains 10 tracks of which reminds of Nick cave in his early days. Very well found lyrics on top of rippling guitars and galloping drums, sometimes interrupted by catchy refrains underlined by violins, cellos and organs.

The Bullfight deals in electric folk-rock with a dark edge, titled pop noir’ by the band itself. Strong touches of Hammond organ, violin and sounds found anywhere in and out of the studio’ rid the music of  any guitar rock band association. Lyrics concern the Bermuda triangle of love, violence and death. Alarming on record, throat gripping on the stage. Ambiance is important, but only serves the ultimate goal of any music: a melody that strikes the soul. With a claw hammer if needed.


The Bullfight brought out their successful Livingroom Records début ‘One was a snake’ in 2006. Reviews spoke of the best Dutch album of the year, and even the few poor souls who could not appreciate this kind of music had to admit it was something that did not gently go into the night. A series of electrifying gigs throughout the whole of Holland followed (Vera/De Effenaar/Het Paard/Waterfront/EKKO etc.). The band got rewarded for their live performance by Rotterdam stage Waterfront with extra recording time, which they used for the song Another Man, which received a place on the infamous vinyl series of the Dutch Indie Singles Club (DISC).

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